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2012 Darryl &

2012 Darryl &
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Tasting Note
This pair of bottles explores oak barrel influence and wine geek social experiment. Darryl & Darryl is 2012 Cab Sauv evolved in two very different directions. One the result of 36 months in Hungarian barrel and the other French. This bottle is the Hungarian Oak version. Reductive, dark, smokey, coffee and chocolate lay on a plum and cherry core. 3-5 years of bottle aging should evolve this wine into something less rustic.

Food Pairings
Enjoy tasting both Darryls together and create your own blends in the glass. Try to create a sum greater than the parts. We would love to hear about your blending experiments. Share with a friend or two or hold the Darryl (Hungarian) for a few years to see what happens. These are 100% cabernet sauvignon so bring on the Texas beef.




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